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We are a specialist Employment Services Support provider. We deliver a range of services to JSA and RJCP Providers across Australia.

We have access to an outstanding collection of industry specialists who know and understand the issues in Employment Services and are ready to help you.

We believe the key to a successful Employment Services Provider is two-fold:

1. The right staff with the right skills and attitude

2. Strong performance management

Our outstanding knowledge of Employment Services and high level skills as trainers makes our services invaluable for any organisation looking to improve performance, increase skill levels and redevelop business strategy.


"The High performance Management workshop was excellent, it really made me think about how we measure our performance and respond to performance indicators" - ES Manager, Adelaide

"I have attended many training days, and have no concerns stating that this workshop was the most useful, interesting, and had relevant information that can be used on the job than any other course I have attended. Thank you to Shane who ran the course, clearly you know what you are talking about and have such useful tools and ideas for Post Placement. Thank you" - PPS Consultant, Bathurst

"I put all my staff through the case management workshop and they came back brimming with ideas and actually excited about working with clients again" - Site Manager, Melbourne

"Undoubtedly the most relevant, informed and insightful training for Job Network I have ever attended. I would highly recommend JSC to other JSAs requiring quality training." - Services Manager, Orange

"The 2 workshops I have attended so far have been great, relevant information for hands on JSA people. We will be looking out for the next workshop" - Manager, Newcastle

"The trainer knew what he was talking about, he has worked in JN and knew all the problems. Very easy to understand and didn't waffle on about irrelevant stats etc. Kept the group moving even when couple of participants went off the rails (I work with one in particular and know how hard this is). Congratulations on an interesting session and a job well done!! thankyou" - Employment Consultant, Adelaide

"I was a bit reluctant to attend by my manager assured me it would be worthwhile, and it was. The trainer was fantastic, he knew everything about Job network and could really relate the material to my job. I was very pleasantly surprised" - Employment Consultant, Parramatta

"I cannot speak too highly of the Conduct, Content & overall presentation of the Workshop. For me it is probably the most informative Workshop I have ever attended with real issues being presented in an easy to understand manner particularly for me having been in the Industry only a few months." - Job Seeker Trainer, Sydney

"Once again, as with previous workshops, this dry but important topic of contractual compliance was handled brilliantly. All 8 participants thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and are using the concepts and tools in their day to day work." - Services Manager,  Orange


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